The New Ultaire AKP, Removable Dentures

The Natural Denture Clinic’s new Digital workflow is going from strength to strength.
Our patients are excited about the new Ultaire AKP material from Solvay, Ultaire is an innovative, high performance polymer which is lightweight and biocompatible.
We have now completed over 20 RPD’s with excellent results.
With a special thank you to Karl at Wessex Dental Laboratory and Nathalie and Phil at Solvay for milling and advice.
Exciting times ahead for our profession.

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Interesting case

This patient has severe allergies to any form of acrylic and also metal and chrome. Here we have used the state of the art 3D Digital scanning to design the frame then we have used a new material, Ultaire AKP which is an alternative to acrylic and chrome frames, This material allows the patient to wear the dentures and […]


Merry Christmas

The Natural Denture Clinic wishes all of our patients a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. We will reopen on 8th January 2018 for emergency repairs please call the clinic for further details.   


3shape digital scanners

The Natural Denture Clinic had a great day at the Worksop learning about the new digital scanners and we are excited to be implementing this new technology within our clinic in the new year.