Dent Spa



Denture box with ultrasonic vibrating action for removable appliance cleaning.

Insert 2 ‘AAA’ batteries (not included) into the battery compartment located underneath the unit.

Open the unit by pressing on the front clip inwards and upwards.

Lightly brush your dental appliance under running water.

Place your dental appliance/s into Dent-Spa and fill with lukewarm water just below just below the lip of the unit (never use boiling water)

Add 1 NitrAdine tablet (samples inc) press the on/off switch to activate. Unit will automatically switch off after 7 minutes. TABLETS NOT TO BE TAKEN ORALLY.

Leave dental appliance/s in Dent-Spa for at least 15 minutes when used with the NitrAdine tablets, then remove appliance/s and rinse under water before placing them back in the mouth.

For best results use NitrAdine tablets at least twice a week to leave your appliance fresh, clean and disinfected against harmful bacteria. If you have symptoms of dental thrush use tablets daily for two weeks to eliminate the bacteria build-up.

Empty Dent-Spa after use, wipe clean. DO NOT submerse or rinse under running water as this will damage the unit.